Thanks for stopping by to see some albums, A lot of the albums are not as ornate as you might think. These albums are what greene edition simple memory keeping looks like. Albums do not have to be big to be beautiful. Big album projects can be intimidatng. How about a small album to start out with?

These days I am mainly focused on enabling memory keeping by simplifying the process. I like versatile grid style templates and all colors of the rainbow and beyond. I love pink and brown and green and orange and blue and yellow, too. Beautifully staying up to date with memory keeping is my primary motivation when I make new graphics and design new templates for smaller sized pages. I do not sport any preference for 12×12 layouts, so you will find other formats too like 6×6 or 6×8 inches. I like these formats a lot. The 6×6 because you could easily fit any 12×12 into it and 6×8 because it really is my fave size. What is your fave format? Do you make many pages, not so many? Do you keep a daily journal like I do or do you operate it another way? What is your personal way to stay à jour?  However you run your memory keeping operation, an operation it remains.



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There are more layouts here.




September 2020

6X6 album 31 days