Terms and Conditions

Personal Use License

When downloading a Greene Edition product you are only purchasing a license to use these products for personal use and you agree to the following terms.


You may use Greene Edition for your personal memory keeping purposes as in scrapbooking, journaling, art-journaling and the like.

You may print and alter these graphics for your personal use, small business use limited to scrap for hire or scrap for others.

You may submit your layouts using products to magazines and other publications that grant prizes (money or gifts) for selection as long as proper credit is given to Greene Edition.

You may use Greene Edition products on your personal blog as long as the final results are displayed in a flattened form (jpg/gif) and not more than 72dpi. A credit with a link back to my site www.greeneedition.com must be displayed if you use Greene Edition images on your personal blog.


You may not provide a copy of my products, or any portions thereof, to any other individual or group or organization.

You may not use these graphics for any product or project that will be sold or used to generate income, which includes using these graphics in design templates, including, without limitation, website templates, flash templates, premade blog templates, custom blog templates, and brochure templates. You may not use these graphics for any charity or non-profit group, organization or business: Included, but not limited to, are the Red Cross, the Red Half Moon, Green Peace, all UN Organizations, all government organizations, all sports organizations, Amnesty International and any other group, club or organization.

You may not use these graphics on websites designed to induce sales of “print on demand” products, including postcards, mugs, t-shirts, posters and other items or garments. You may not alter these graphics and claim them as your own.

You may not take any part of these graphics and add it to your graphic and claim the resulting graphic as your own.

You may not use the content or any part thereof as part of a trademark, design-mark, trade name, business name, service mark or logo.

You may not offer these graphics on any webpage for download, send them through a list such as a facebook, news or Yahoo! group, or include them in any graphics collection on the internet or otherwise including, but not limited to, file sharing hosts including but not limited to 4shared, mediafire, electronic storage, any type of cloud storage, media like USB sticks or flash cards or any other device or method that would replace or substitute the function of the above mentioned devices and methods.

You may also not alter the graphics and claim them as your own.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have questions, suggestions or concerns.

All Greene Edition content is copyright DIGITALEYEZ AUSTRALIA.


thegreeneedition@gmail.com    https://greeneedition.com

DIGITALEYEZ AUSTRALIA              PO BOX 130                            North Lakes, QLD 4509

Some of the TOU adapted from the DigitalScrapbook.com TOU available at https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/tou under CC BY 4.0″).