Hello and thanks for stopping by at greene edition today. We are still celebrating our 1st Anniversary here at greene edition. Wanna party some more? Here we go. Before I start I want to thank Kayl Turesson for her absolutely great photo.  Today I have some more layouts with a freebie for you. It is a template that comes with some ellies and some styles to use for other projects as well and that was made for 5 minute  layouts. Today’s freebie is more of a cross-over between a QP and a template. It s my party gift today, a new template Freebie:  The Gallery Album is from the six-pack that I showed you last time.



greene edition The Gallery Album Freebie


The Gallery Album

Remember I showed you 6 layouts of the same template? Last time?  Here is the ready-made so to say. Insert your photo and correct the color or apply a pattern to the other layer. Or make your own paper and insert it . I have a tutorial here.  All done.  And of course you can turn the template  around both ways again and have even more options. I think it looks best on a spread actually because it will just let this very big photo allow to breathe a bit. It will create space, it will create questions, it will create options, mystery, imagination and most importantly a bit of freedom for the ever so exhausted eye. Yay. We love freedom. A 5-minute page can be finished after 5 minutes, it doesn’t need to be 😉


greene edition The Gallery Album


This template is also fine for 6×4 pockets. Just save your page as a jpg and then resize to 3×3 inches. Then use the 3×3 for your 6×4 pocket card, like so:


Photography: Kayl Turesson. Styles: Marisa Lerin. Graphics: Marisa Lerin, Elif Sahin, greene edition, ad desgins, duia designs. Template: greene edition.




greeneEdition_single pager

greene edition The Gallery Album



You can download today’s blog freebie here without going through the store. Thanks for visiting.


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