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10 Great Home Workouts

A pandemic unquestionably affects your day to day routine, which means there are certain things that you are expected to do and are unable to do. In short, learning to adjust is something you need to do to get through the pandemic. One of the major concerns you may have during a pandemic is the fact that you are no longer able to go to the gym due to prevailing lockdown for your own protection.

Apart from being confined indoors, your health and fitness center may be temporarily closed due to the pandemic. The good news is that you can still attain your targeted gym work out results from just working out from home.

Here are some 10 Great Home Workouts  you can start today:

  1. Set a daily reminder

Working out from home can be a disheartening task especially if you are used to the electric atmosphere of the gym. That is why it is important to come up with effective ways of sticking to your exercise routine regardless of where you are. You can still stay motivated to exercise during a lockdown. Start by setting a daily reminder and staying true to it. You can start the day off with a 20-minute exercise. This is a great way of remaining focused for the rest of the day.

  1. Join and follow an online workout program

There are specific exercises that are limited to the gym and are impossible to try out at home. For example, the kind of exercises that require lifting weights, machines etc. If you do not have the right equipment to carry out weight-lifting exercises you can try other forms of free weight exercise. There are many free apps and websites that can teach you alternative home-based exercises that can be easily carried out with no equipment or even websites which show you how to make your own home equipment using materials available at hand.

  1. Continue with some of the exercises that you do at the gym

While some exercises you do at the gym are impossible to do at home, there are still a few that you can continue doing from home. Continuing with some of your gym exercises from home can help keep you motivated to exercise. It is also a great way of forming a lasting workout habit.

  1. Keep a record of your progress

Keeping a record of what you have achieved or what you are achieving will assist in keeping you focused. You could record your weight the first day you begin exercising and keep a log as you continue with your workout routine. Losing weight can make you realize just how effective exercising from home is and hopefully keep you at it.

  1. Avoid exercising alone whenever possible

Accountability is another way of ensuring you do what you plan to do. Find someone you can exercise with at home and hold each other accountable. You can set goals or commit to exercising daily for an hour or so. It will all depend on what you both agree on and what you can do. If you have no one to workout with at home, you can find workout buddies online or using workout phone apps.

  1. Have a variety of exercises

Varying exercises can help keep you interested in the workout schedule. It can also get rid of the boredom that you may otherwise face if you remain idle.

  1. Make working out a priority

Making sure you stick to your workout schedule in a pandemic requires that you make working out a priority. We all have top priorities and staying safe during a pandemic is one of them, therefore, exercising routinely should also top the list.

  1. Pay attention to your diet

Paying attention to your diet is the only way of enjoying the full benefits that working out offers. Make sure your exercise routine goes together with proper meals and avoid junk snacking which is tempting when idle at home.

  1. Reward yourself

Make sure you reward yourself whenever you manage to stay true to your goal. Small rewards can be a great way of not only keeping you determined to exercise but they can also aid in helping you maintain the positivity that you need during a pandemic.

  1. Put on proper workout attire

When working out from home it is important that you wear proper workout attire. What you wear should be the same attire that you would wear when going out to a proper gym. Wearing proper workout gear will tune your mind to that activity and make you feel, and experience exercise the same way you would in a normal gym.

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