Hello and thanks for stopping by at greene edition! Welcome to the greene edition Easter Card 2018. So here is another representative of the 3 Elements And 5 Minutes section where I feature quick hybrid projects. I hope you like today’s download which you will be able to find at the end of this post.


Easter Card 2018

greeneEdirion_EasterCard2018 freebie, free digital kit

greene edition Easter Card 2018. Today’s freebie.


Have you made your Easter cards yet? I have played around a little last night and really liked these bunnies so I guess my card is ready. It can be yours, too. There is more news at greene edition.

greene edition - easter Card 2018 freebie- free digital scrapbooking

greene edition Easter Card 2018. Todays freebie.

March 2018 Newslist Freebie

There is also a new list freebie. check it out. It came together while I was playing with the PSBT April 2018 A Book and A Mug colors. It coordinates with the swatch of April 2018 which you can download at PS and start designing yourself. Give it a try, it is better than a lot of other things that are being colported as relaxing. And if you are looking for a really lovely version of the Tennessee Waltz while you are playing with the swatch, check out Reina and Toni here.

greene edition

greene edition March 2018 newslist freebie : Daily Reading Log Mini Kit. Coordinates with the PSBT April 2018 A Mug and a Book


I have also finished an additional JC set for the blog train, so there is loads coming your way from my end and there are so many more contributors to the train. The blog train starts on April 1st but contributors add designs throughout the entire month, so keep checking. You might be surprised.


greene edition

greene edition PSBT April 2018 extension set . 20 3×4 inches journal cards with reading and story related wording

A Mug and A Book

Back to the newslist freebie. I really like how it came out. I used to be an avid reader before I went on the road, lol. No kidding, I really love to read and one of my fave books ever is The Beantrees by Barbara Kingsolver. These days I mainly listen to Jack Reacher when I exercise., wishing I had his physical and mental capacities. I went to a school where teachers and parents where committed to succeed in teaching kids to read. They at least scored 12 on the committment scale which ranges from 1 to 10.  They had a whole system set up where mothers came in and read with the kids on a daily basis. Each kid received daily individual reading training. They took the kids out of the class for 5 minutes on rotation and read with them in the hall. It was an excellent system and the mothers were really the ones that made it happen on their time. The school set up the plan tho. The entire tracking and logging was a big part of the whole reading journey, the homophones, the silents, the what nots. English is a beautiful language, I thought then, if you do not have to teach it.  Then later on, there were also student buddies involved in that reading thing. I vividly recall my reading log, so I added one that looks much like the one I had.

So here is all the greene edition news in one picture. And your download link of course.

greene edition

greene edition new freebies: March 2018. newslist freebie and Easter Card 2018




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