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Grow Your Own Immune Boosting Foods

Many of the natural methods of boosting your immune system revolve around eating the right kinds of foods. However, buying them constantly from the grocery store can start to prove to be a bit expensive.

Many of these foods can be grown at home in your own garden, giving you wonderful organic options straight from your backyard. They’re often low maintenance, and some of them will grow a lot faster than others, so there is a bit of a time commitment involved.

One great food to grow is garlic. It doesn’t take a ton of maintenance or effort and it can be done even in a windowsill. They don’t take up much room and if you’re an avid cook, they’re going to be a great source of rich flavor, all naturally grown on your own.

For your immune system, garlic happens to be a fantastic way to increase your body’s development of white blood cells, which are vital to your immune system. It’s also a fantastic way to keep your heart healthy, and can be eaten raw or cooked into a meal.

Spinach is a great vegetable to grow at home. It can grow very quickly over a short period of time, giving you plenty of leaves that you can work into salads or cook up into soups or even pastas.

Spinach provides you with an awesome source of vitamin C, which helps prevent a wide variety of diseases. It also gives you some vitamin A as well as some antioxidants, which are also great for helping your immune system work more efficiently.

If you’re willing to make a bit more of a time commitment, growing citrus trees can give you and future generations a bountiful supply of delicious fruit. The only problem with citrus trees is that they take a lot of effort to maintain and a long time to grow.

However, once it’s grown and starting to produce citrus fruits, they can be harvested for their vitamin C to help keep your white blood cell count high. If you want to make your lawn look nice but also get a nice healthy snack, you should start growing sunflowers.

Sunflower seeds are bountiful on fully grown sunflowers, and make for a great immune boosting snack. They provide you with plenty of vitamin E and B6, which both help you maintain your immune system by keeping everything flowing smoothly. They look nice, too, which is a great added benefit.


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