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How a Sugar Detox Might Be the Immune System Strengthener You Need?


Many people eat a lot more sugar than they should. With fast food and processed foods being so common nowadays, sugar has been added to almost everything to give it the flavor that you want, but it comes with a lot of serious side effects.

In addition to the obvious weight gain, excessive sugar can also cause breakouts of acne, hormone imbalance, and can even damage your immune system. By detoxing your system of any sugar, you can bring your immune system back up to full strength.

For those that are unaware or unfamiliar, a sugar detox involves going about two weeks or more without any sugar, so that your body can get any sugar out of the system and bring you back to normal levels.

For some people that are used to eating and drinking a lot of sugary things, this can actually be quite difficult, because sugar is addictive in nature. One of the reasons that sugar weakens your immune system is that it slows down the production of cells that are crucial to your immune system, namely white blood cells.

When your body has an excessive amount of sugar, you’re going to see a substantial drop in the amount of white blood cells, meaning any diseases that come into your body will experience much less resistance when they start to spread, leading to you becoming sick easily.

Sugar has also been found to be closely tied with the release of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Not only will this cause you to be more stressed out and anxious, but it will also hold your immune system back and slow it down so that it’s less effective when coming across a virus or bacterial infection.

It’s recommended to cut out all processed sugary foods, because those can absolutely tank your immune system down to about half of its usual efficiency. Instead, you should get very little sugar naturally through fruits and vegetables, which also come with a wide array of vitamins and minerals that will help your immune system rather than hinder it.

Going on a sugar detox is great for your immune system, body, and mind. It helps you lose weight, reduces stress, and keeps your white blood cell count high so that they can do their job when a virus or infection tries to get the best of you.



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